Jewelry Care Instructions

Clean your items with a soft cloth and do not submerse them into dish or bath water.  If you accidentally wear one of your jewelry pieces while bathing or washing your hands, please immediately remove the piece, lay it on a towel and blot any moisture away & let it dry.  
Do not use a jewelry cleaner, as your pieces may become damaged or discolored.  If you wear lotion, you may notice a slight discoloration under your rings.  It is a normal reaction & will not harm the rings or your skin.  You can put clear nail polish on the jewelry to try to prevent a reaction.
Do not put hair items into wet solutions that may damage them.  For your hair accessories, use a cool hair dryer or a sticky sheet (lint remover) to remove any dust.
Avoid the 5 S's
Sleep - Never sleep while wearing your jewelry.
Shower - Your jewelry is allergic to water!  Try to keep it away.
Sprays - Use perfums, hairspray, lotions, etc before you put on your jewelry.
Sweat - Try to avoid massive sweating while wearing your jewelry.  Don't wear it to the gym.
Swim - Take off jewelry before swimming.  Remember that your jewelry is allergic to water and the pool is no exception.
Our jewelry should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.  Every once in a while, wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove anything that will damage the finish.

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